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John Wender, Architect, New York

John Wender is a master of deceit with trails of women angry and enraged by his outrageous, misogynistic and cruel behavior. He uses a ‘playbook’ of the same lines that he uses with every woman. He is a pathological liar, this is true. Every thing that comes out of his mouth will be a lie. […]

earl spillman, joplin, Missouri

Commentary about earl spillman, joplin, Missouri posted to From : angela69 posted on 2016-04-28 he got caught because i told the wife and asked if they were together. bingo they were. hurt like hell believing in someone to find out everything was a lie. i have videos, phone recording and many pics. From : […]

John Musa, Fort Collins, CO

Commentary about John Musa, Fort Collins, CO posted to From : sailorjohnmusa posted on 2016-07-07 HE HANG OUT NICK’S ON s COLLEGE AND PICKS UP WOMEN AT THE FORT COLLINS HEALTH CLUB From : MINTO posted on 2010-05-18 Hickup is never to be trusted!!! I fell for his bubbly personality and cute cuddly looks. […]

Eric Long, Davenport, Ia

Commentary about Eric Long, Davenport, Ia posted to From : Ericslastgirl posted on 2015-09-30 Typical situation of manipulation. He repeatedly cheated and repeatedly got caught. I found texts on his phone, got approached by others trying to warn me that he’s a cheater, and found a p.o.f account that he was actively using while […]

Marcus Crosbie, Bronx/PA, New York

Commentary about Marcus Crosbie, Bronx/PA, New York posted to From : fashionista posted on 2015-07-01 hilarious that you act like you dont know just so you can let your wife think your innocent.Your a cheater & lie.I could care less if she is fine with it.You really think she doesnt know you cheat hahahaha […]