Aarti Gurung is a Nepali girl living in Hong Kong.she is the worst excuse of a human being. Never have I seen such girl so fake who would constantly hit upon taken guys for money and her advantage. She has no shame and would do anything to get what she wants even your best friend’s fiancee.

First, she pretends to be a simple and shy girl then she works her way for her plan.i.e to get as much money she can get and ***** . And when found out she would call u names or worst spread false rumors about you. Yes, she did that to me. She cheated on her own best friend’s fiancee. And as I found out NOW she has cheated with several of her friend’s husband, bf, coworker the list is endless. Don’t fall for her innocent looks guys. She is an emotional manipulator and would wreck anyone’s home for money even her best friend’s. She even slept with her boss despite him being married.



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