Her name is abigail dibella. Well her birth name. She lives in lehighton. Works at two strip clubs, gateway lounge and sandys. She also has slept with over 200+ men, all across the pa and Jersey map.

She doesn’t have time to take care of her kid because she’s too busy making men cheat, having dollars shoved in her ***** along with everything else that can fit up there. She also likes creating fake social media to post naked pictures of her 200 lbs body. Instagrams such as tattooed_amata or Alicia_Cambridge or countrycutiexoxoxo. Everything here is not over exaggerated at all. She’s easier than a .25 w ***** when the rent money is due. In her spare time she likes to beg her ex boyfriends back. Or when she sees them happy she likes to try to squeeze herself in the middle of their happy lives to do whatever she can to make them as miserable as her. She’s in a relationship noe but was in someone else’s bed the day before. It’s not her fault. She’s just a w ***** .


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Lehighton, PA

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