Commentary about Adam Pratt, Kingston, NY posted to From : victimnomore posted on 2015-06-21 Yes Jill Sterling Pratt is a very sick woman I wish there was an option for me to post more of her disgusting comments From : JoseB posted on 2015-06-21 His own mother was involved? Good thing you are away from him and his family they all sound nuts. Wishing you are safe and stay away from him and are a “victimnomore” From : victimnomore posted on 2015-06-21 CHEATER PATHOLOGICAL LIAR SEX ADDICT INTERNET PREDATOR Adam will claim to be ‰ÛÏan abused husband and loving father‰Û but in reality he is the abuser physically and emotionally. He is a cheater and has been caught with real women and sick women behind computer screens (and underage girls) dozens of times, by dozens of women. After viewing court reports this man is sick: masturbating in public, strangling his ex, neglectful parenting, refusing to pay for his children until garnished from his wages. Only has his kids when supervised and then he ignores them to text and chat with his girls accept 10 minutes he spend with them for a few pics on facebook to look like a good father. He uses his kids to look like something is not and never will be. He lives on filth and does not even have a single photograph of them at his place. He does have over 10,000 pictures on his computer though of women of all ages from all over the world he has never met. As well as a few thousand flowers that look like vaginas and naked sculptures. Not a single family picture on the wall or in his wallet. Not even a screen saver of his kids. His favorite lines to tell women are “we are soul mates”, “I was like a battered housewife”, “I just want to love”, “I’ve been alone for so long”, “my sister always saw me with a bombshell blonde” He will post poems, sculptures, photography, songs about 20 women a day. He resorts to lies and threats from behind a computer screen on a bad day, On a good day he is telling single mothers and underage girls all over the world how much he loves them along with sending a picture of his penis. He doesn‰Ûªt meet them. Some of the girls are just as sick as he is, and he exposes them to his own children. Again he never met them‰Û_. Some are victims, some are disturbed its a freakshow. Who exposes their young innocent kids to women who are underage and unstable to their children with out ever meeting them? Adam Russell Pratt is who. This is a man who the second you question what he does will fake cry and say you are the abuser, the cheater, or whatever he is guilty of doing. He has no shame, on top of his mental diagnosis that he refuses help for, he is a narcissist . The creepiest thing is how he basically stalks women/girls and even a few men claim to have been intimate with Adam Pratt. He watches you on facebook for years just waiting for a way to talk to you. Usually he does this if you reveal a hard time in your personal life, he is such a “nice guy” He will know everything about you and change his looks, his taste in music, really sick stuff to find a way in. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Adam Pratt, Kingston, NY is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Adam Pratt, Kingston, NY by the users were preserved.


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