A few years ago my business marketing software sent mister Bo Kelleher an E-Mail with our contact information ( Non-Profit Mortgage arbitration firm) . This was is a time when every 5th home on the street went back to the bank. Prior to the term Loan Modification becoming common place. I received a return E-Mail from mister Bo Kelleher as will be provided in evidence shortly in a civil complaint that has been under way now for three years now. In this E-Mail mister Bo Kelleher expressed in a rather threatening comment that I had QUOTE Messed with the wrong guy and that I would regret sending him unrequested e-mail. I politely stated he should delete the e-mail as it would not go out again due to our program and how it is set up. Within minutes Bo Kelleher replied with yet again another threatening e-mail . Bo Kelleher was convinced that what I did was fraud. So I stated if he can find one home owner that was not happy with our services that he was stating wasfraud then I would gladly pay off his mortgage with my personal funds. THAT CHALLENGE HAS YET TO BE MET WITH ANY SUCCESS EVEN THREE YEARS AFTER THE FACT. SIMPLY PUT BO KELLEHER IS A PATHETIC HATER WHO IS MAD I LIVE IN A $2,000,000.00 HOME THAT IS MINE. WITHIN DAYS OF HIS ATTACKS I BEGAN SYSTEMATICALLY PROVING ALL OF HIS THEORIES AS FALSE UNEDUCATED BLABBER. Now I will seek damages for his flagrant behavior. We have a clear case of a troubled person who was angry he lost a home that he could never afford in the first place. His loan adjusted at the same time the market crashed and as many others they simply walked away thinking that it was the only option they had. Well Bo Kelleher, you are not the only person who got robbed by ignorance. I fight. I fight any person or institution that apposes me and my goals. Now that I beat the banks and I have also proven Bo Kelleher wrong he sits quietly in a house 1800 sq ft 3 bd 3.5 bath home on 9 Kyler Court Ladera Ranch Ca. 92694 which is a rental for $3,250.00 a month I live in my mansion that is 6,000 sq ft 7 bd 8 bth with no mortgage My bedroom is 1500 sq ft. so in all I simply say, Haters are real they are out in that dark world. So if you find one kicking your heals just laugh and let time prove that the fruit is always sweeter in our home . LOL Good try Bo So lets review: Bo Kelleher lost his home to foreclosure and now rents 1800 sq ft 3bd 3.5bth ( Keep in mind he has 7 people in his home. Three bedrooms ? Nice.) I own my 6000 sq ft mansion 7bd 8 bth (NO MORTGAGE) Bo Kelleher drives a TOYOTA PRIUS with 75,000 miles on it( he is 6ft 4 inches) Bo Kelleher and his six dependents drive a $7000 Chevrolet Tahoe I drive well a different car every day of the week. ( Ferrari #1 , Ferrari #2 , Corvette #1 ,Corvette #2 , Cadillac ESV. I have a yacht that was custom built for $20,000,000 Bo Kelleher a fishing pole for his kid. I own multiple mansions ( all paid for ) Bo Kelleher is a renter for $3,250.00 I COULD GO ON AND ON BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE BO KELLEHER HAS A HISTORY OF BASHING PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. He seems to think it is okay to talk bad about the *** population, or any other population that does not shoot guns and pray at dinner.. ( SO WHITE TRASH) He seems to think because he spent $99.00 on a web site and started a few blogs that he is some amazing news reporter. My lawyer and I laughed about this because we have recently deposed companies that he stated he worked for as a quote News Reporter under testimony they stated that they have no Bo Kelleher on payroll. So this will work very well in our favor when seeking damages. In fact Bo Kelleher entered a court room and provided the courts with fraudulent documents in order to gain access to court documents which will also be used in our complaint. A recent deposition has uncovered attempted conversations with working partners of our companies and Bo Kelleher. Phone records have been provided along with testimony provided by the California department of probation on behalf of our complaint. An employee for the State of California provided direct testimony by stating that Bo Kelleher had provided false information to many departments of the State of California in an attempt to slander the plaintiff in this complaint. So Bo Kelleher take notice. Your plan failed now I am going to wipe you out. Good try though. Oh by the way all the *** about you on the internet is not my doing. It did come from the 160 people I fired when you attempted to slander my name and my companies. You see I never saw the affects of your lies. My employees did. I told all of them that Bo Kelleher was at fault for the lay offs. I hope on of them runs into some day. Secretly I increased my income by 35% last year and blamed the lay off on Bo Kelleher. This is a true statement. The internet slander cost my company money. So I simply fired people to protect our share holder. Easy peezy lemon squeezy. SO BO KELLEHER MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO IS PUTTING THE COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT YOU BEFORE YOU ASSUME IT WAS A PERSON THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET COMMENTS. It clearly states that you feel I am at fault but we will prove Bo Kelleher is at fault. I will seek damages. I will win. I have testimony from 6 government employees that state Bo Kelleher did in fact violate CVC Code.

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