This f*cking c*nt is a real piece of work. SheÕs in her late 40Õs already a grandmother several times over has 7 different children and a host of different fathers. And she is in the business of setting up fake shell companies most likely for money laundering purposes. She is a very smooth and polished criminal. She targets men who seem to be in that Òmid-life crisisÓ phase. She finds them by trying to sell Òhalf price creditsÓ that is based on a Òscam out of Russia that is completely undetectableÓ. Game of War : Fire Age was where she found my husband. She almost immediately told this fucking incredible series of lies Ñ really she must have been working on this cover for ages. It is quite impressive. But as the story goes Adriana (who in this case initially introduced herself as Sarah Gault on Game of War). She immediately shares too much information about her incredibly tragic personal life Ñ including abusive husbands rape miscarriage murdered brother and much more. The more she reels in her unwitting victim the more unfucking-believable the stories. To trick my husband she flew to NY to meet him for dinner. Her story changed Ñ turns out her Òreal nameÓ was Samara (ÒSamiÓ) Benaceraff and that she is in fact a Mossad agent and her father was a famous South American Nazi HunterÉ she claims she joined the elite hit squad Kidron during her days at Mossad. She was afraid that since she made a mistake and revealed her Òreal identityÓ to my husband and was worried that Mossad would send her on a crazy mission where she most likely would die at the end. She told him to get a secret phone install Threema and use VPN software so that their tracks were completely encrypted and couldnÕt be unencrypted by anyone other than the person who had the other half of the secret code. She would contact him at weird hours of the night as she claimed she was in Israel preparing for her mission. Of course in addition to her numerous other skills she claims to be a fighter pilot and provides PHOTOSHOPPED pictures with her face super-imposed over that of famous Pakistani female fighter pilot Ayeesha Farooq (probably not wise to pick someone so famous). At any rate my husband crumbled under the pressure of lying to me in very short order and we agreed that for the sake of our family we would try to work through this most horrible breach of trust.; To that end we planned a family vacation for a couple weeks. DonÕt you know that her Òdeadly Mossad missionÓ happens to start the day after we leave for vacation. She texts numerous crazy things to my husband about how she is going on a suicide mission sheÕs not likely to come back alive but she Òhas to do it for her fatherÓ. Then in the middle of vacation he gets ÒinstructionsÓ that say that only three people outside of Mossad know about her Òreal jobÓ at Mossad: her youngest son her uncle and my husband. (REALLY?????) So the next think I know the ÒsonÓ texts a picture of a news article about a bombing Òthat morningÓ in Afghanistan outside of Kabul EXACTLY where she was headed. Then nothing but a lot of fear and craziness from the son not Òknowing the fateÓ of his mom. But Mossad assured him that his mom was a ÒbraveÓ person and he should be proud of her. He then forwards a voicemail to my husband of someone with a thick Israeli accent and the son asked for help translating. It was basically a series of things that allegedly happened in the bombing. The following morning came a hospital picture and confirmation she was Òalive but had broken ribs broken nose blown out ear drums shrapnel everywhere punctured lung and a few other things. Again a crazy insane amount of detail. When my husband FINALLY said that heÕs done and can never talk to her ever again because he wants to make things right with his family. ThatÕs when another alleged ÒsonÓ called my husband and started threatening him for Òmisleading his momÓ and if he didnÕt meet her in ÒCuracaoÓ when she recovered then bad things would happen to my husband and the family. Nice gal. ItÕs all a lie. She lives in a squarely middle income neighborhood in Pembroke Pines Florida and frequently travels to NYC Atlanta Chicago LA and other cities to keep up the scam with other men and so forth. Also her companyÉ. well there are some pretty questionable ties given her business partner is the former ENRON mastermind who brought down the company and it seems that all of their Ògas and oil contract procurement companyÓ does nearly all of itÕs business with Odebrecht. HMMMMMMMMM Her first job was at PDVSA in Caracas with her then husband a big wig at PDVSA. Fucking Venezuelans. No fucking sense of how to lead a straight life free from crime.

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