I want to post this anomously. I was dating my fiance for 6 to 7 years of relationship. We were thinking of moving in together when we were in our 4 year relationship but work and school got in the way. He make me believe we were going to start our family and grow old together. Both our families gather together for family events. We even went on vacations with all the family. A good friend of mine who i stopped contacting over 5 years notice that he started bringing another women to her family events. She believed we were not together and didnÕt question my fiance because she was also a good friend of my fiance. My friend only realize something was wrong when she knew her own fiancŽ was covering for my fiance. It turned out to be that on our 4th to 5th year of relationship he started seeing this other women AKA Adrienne Ordonesz. My friend told me that my fiance got an apartment with Adrienne and have been living together for 2 months and that he stopped paying rent with his roommate who is my friend fiance. When I question my fiance he denied the whole thing. When I asked him if he knew Adrienne he acted as he couldnÕt remember who she was. When I asked him why Adrienne had him on his Facebook he didnÕt know what to say. Once he knew he got cought in his lies he admitted everything. Not only did he admitted everything he told me that Adrienne knew all along that we were together and agreed to be the other women. How can a LVN working at Leisure Glen Care Center in Glendale California be a good women who agreed to be the other women in and get involve with a man who was in a relationship of 6 years. Not only did she destroy my family she destroy my friends due to her fiance covering for my fiance. My friends has a baby and has to deal with his ex-fiance for covering for my fiance due to tjis other girl named Adrienne who knew everything and didnÕt care to destroy to families. Please expose this homewrecker. She took off her Facebook but she stills has her Instagram account under @adriennegabie she worked at Universal Studios with my fiance and thatÕs where they both met each other. My ex-fiance is 31 years and this girl is only 23 years old.

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