Chris and I have been dating for a while i had lost my husband to cancer and chris was there to help me and my 2 girls 12 and 16 get through tough times. I let him get close with my girls which angers me the most I think. How unusual is it for your kids to actually like the man your dating but love them as well.Out of nowhere Chris comes to me and says I need spacegive me a couple weeksI start questioning especially after I give him 600 dollarÕs towards his new dentures wondering why heÕs in a hurry to get new teeth.i ask him are you emotionally feeling for someone elsehe says no i think i want to move out west my dream of retiring in Arizona. I told him well since theres not much here for me weÕll go with you.that didnÕt work either so i questioned again you must be into someone elsehe gets mad and is like no no no youÕre crazy and have no faith in i ended up digging and found that Aimee was liking his stuff on fb way too much and when i mentioned it next thing you knowme my kidsmother and friends and family were all deleted and blocked on fbby him and by her.big fucking red digging more I found where sheÕs flying into Morgantown for a class reunion that is 4 miles from his house and how convenient he tells me hes going camping in the cranberry wilderness with no cell service so from pgh i wont be able to talk to him for a week.another big i took off work and bam caught themhes riding her around in his company vehicle which is a big no no and now heÕs in trouble and its all my fault. He says i ruined his life.aimee just sits back on her high horse pulling all the strings.not giving a care about 2 girls who are hurting again over the loss of a Dad long as Aimee gets what Aimee wants all is happy.look out for her in Idaho sheÕs a nurse and sells premier jewelry. Guess they donÕt have men out there that she had to fb mine and come here to take him away.well good riddance Karma babyKarma will hunt you down and I cant wait!

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