This young lady (I say that word loosely because ladies dont act like this) is one of Hutchs finest *cough cough* whore, homewrecker and junky. Alana Hunt tried to move in on my fiance and Is relationship last year, nothing major came of it then in June my fiance starts acting distant, coming home from work later, no interest in family time with the kids, covering his phone when he texts just totally not like him. So I knew something was up and I did some snooping. Come to find out my now ex has been screwing her for the last month but WAIT it gets better! Miss Alana had a baby a couple years ago with the love of her life , baby got taken away because she is a junkie and went to prison. Fast forward she supposedly was with that same man about a year ago and gets pregnant again. Fast forward a little more baby comes out a different fuckinnnng race. That papi was probably married too! The love of her life stuck by her side although he IS NOT the father (JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!) and he goes to jail so now she gets a boyfriend (who was taken when they met) and still insists on pursuing my man! She acts like the victim though of course! Ladies!!! If you know this whore of a girl, keep your fellas away from her! She gets off on trying to ruin families, relationships, marriages, etc Alana Hunt is a wrecker of all things. Now my fiance isnt innocent in any of this but this bitch kept throwing herself at him and eventually if you keep seeing donuts you gonnnnna eat one! (Bad analogy or whatever ehhh Im gonna go eat a donut now).

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