IÕve been married for 4 years my husband started acting different well come to find out heÕs was seeing this thing right here. I found text from her saying hey boo amd that she needed the d to go over. Come to find out this bitch has a guy living with her and has kids. When I called her she denied it. She wouldnÕt admit to the affair. Finally said she wasnÕt gonna compete with no girl for another man. But you open your legs. Typical hoe trying to use he pussy for money and hit nd nails get a job dumb broad. She still talking to him and others probably. Alba your a hoe that needs to keep her legs closed. I know where you stay and soon will show your man the proof of your affair with my man. Get a life dirty susia no one is hating on you or jealous of you your nothing but a hoe who gets drunk and spreads her legs.

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