I had been dating Carl Edward Dunning,Sr. from October 2009 to July 2010. Carl,Sr. was there in my bedroom looking out of the window. I told Carl,Sr. to stop looking out the windows because there wasnt anyone outside. Now, I know Carl,Sr. was looking for a woman named Gretchen Leigh Griggs. I didnt know there was a connection between Carl,Sr. and Gretchen until in May when there was an incident occuring at Carl Sr.s house with his son, Carl, Jr. I called Carl,Sr. at his job to tell him that the police was there at his house talking to his son. Within three minutes of me hanging-up the telephone, here comes down the street the woman Gretchen Leigh Griggs. There in Carl, Sr.s yard she continued to look across the street and maintain a steady and fix stare at me. I didnt know then that she was wondering the same thing I would soon began to wonder whats the connection between Carl,Sr. and her. On July 4th and approximately around 10 p.m. I caught Gretchen walking about and near Carl, Sr.s and my yards. I live approximately 20 feet from Carl, Sr. The next day I discovered a babys bottle and a pacifier in my yard while I was out working in my yard. I thought how this this get here. Then, I thought about the woman Gretchen. On July 14th, I learned that Gretchen has a eight month of baby. Carl, Jr. conveniently decided to inform me of that . . . so now I am thinking of OMG . . . Carl, Sr. and Gretchen has a baby together. However, Carl, Sr. denies the baby is his. Ever since, he has been denying his relationship and connection to Gretchen. Carl Edward Dunning, Sr. is a lying cheater. Almost every Friday through Sunday evening, Carl and Gretchen both disappears. When Carl returns on Sundays then you began to see Gretchen began to resurface about the neighborhood, walking the baby. There is so much more to this. I was so hurt and livid to realize the man I was falling in love with was not only secretive, but Carl Edward Dunning, Sr. and his son Carl, Jr. are very deceptive. Carl, Sr. is too embarrass to allow people to see him with the woman Gretchen. And, he utilizes his son Carl, Jr. as his double and his cover. During the day, you will see Carl, Jr. running about as though he is Gretchens caretaker, taxi, and concern friend . . . but if you really watch closely, you will see Carl, Sr. at night driving Carl, Jr.s car and meeting with Gretchen Leigh Griggs at night. For African-American women like myself, it is extremely difficult for us to find a good and decent black man. Ive cried countless tears to realize Ive been played by someone I thought was decent. Ive resulted to channeling my grief into my soon to be released book, My Strawberry Letters: Blackplanet HotDollBhm Catches Carl E. Dunning, Blackplanet Sixone. Please visit Lulu Books dot com to obtain My Strawberry Letters. Are there any private investigators on here, please contact me before my book is published. HELLO how are you doing, my name is sabena a young girl of 25 years,please i need your help,contact me with this my mail ([email protected])so i will tell you more details about my self and my picture , thanks sabena Hello good day how are today i hope your fine,i am name is sabena I have a serious issue at hand to share with you, and you will have benefit from it.and this is a situation that i am i have been seeking for a responsible person who i can build my trust upon i see your profile photo and my mind told me to contact you,and i will like to have private discussion with you,please contact me ( [email protected] ) so I can send more details about my self, sabena he lied and said he wasnt sleeping with anyone else and ended up having several woman on rthe side

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