Ex husband was her plumber. She used to hit on him and Facebook and Linked In. Now trust me he has put his picture and profile on Horny Matches.com and been in contact with prostitutes in PERTH AMBOY NJ. He told her we were separated- we were not. They kept texting and he started to go out with her and sleep there. But he wonÕt move outÉ She is a real slut! We all know the rules if they arenÕthe divorced or legally separated you donÕthe screw around with them. She has kids of her own and is a grandmother. We have two teenagers. According to the big oaf her ex abused her and did drugs-but that doesnÕthe give you the right to wreck someone elseÕs family. What did she due to him to make him act that way? We did got to a mediator to start divorce proceedings and she said as long as we sign an agreement he is free to move out; but he is still here. Meanwhile the mortgage and tuitions have not been paid in 3 months.; I spoke with a priest doctor and therapist. He has been relinquished to the third floor bedroom where there is no hest-tough. LetÕstand see if his ÔsoulmateÕ helps him out with his bookkeeping and taxes and IRS problems. He and she belong together. SheÕsaid sneaky and uses her bosses phone to call him. And she looks like a damn idiot-just look at her stupid looking face. Good riddance to both but please grow a set of balls and permanently leave. You donÕthe even care about you kids and people think you are a big asshole. If you were so miserable you should have handled it better no sleep at the whoreÕs house and making everyone else mis ER able with your actions.I never trusted him and am glad I trusted my instincts.

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