Hello. My name is Rebecca and my fianceÕs name is Tom. We had went out to a local favorite restaurant in Kalamazoo to eat to celebrate our engagement and when we checked out and went home my fiances phone had started to blow up with texts and calls. He was like Òwho the hell is texting me and calling?!Ó We started worrying because we didnt know who it was at first. So Tom started to play along and ask whom it was. And this woman sent a kissy face to him. She started telling him he was so handsome and she was watching him tonightÉ.. I stared him down like Òwhy is another woman sending you innapropriate msgs like this??Ó Well I took his phone and sent a msg stating that he is HAPPILY ENGAGED TO ME AND TO NEVER MAKE CONTACT AGAIN. Well that didnÕt stop her. My man had saved every fucking thing he received from her and finally he responded asking her how she got his number. She replied at the restaurant that we had visited. When he showed me I was so hopping mad that I called the restaurant and bitched out the manager. Well this bitch no longer works there anymore for having breaking policies and confidentiality rules. We are going to get our numbers changed. Most likely credit cards flagged too. Who knows what this homewrecking psycho is liable to do with our credit card info when she gets turned down by a guy shecannot have! Beware of ALLIE RYLANT IN KALAMAZOO!!!!

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