I know what IÕm about to write and say might be unbelievable. I just wanted everyone know just how devious and sneaky conniving she is. It stared at her Job. She works as an EMT driver in Green country. My husband was a UPS driver when he first started that route I had a feeling something was going on he was getting difficult to be around the phone would go off and he would try to play it off as it was his daughter but the timing just wasnÕt right for her to be texting and then he would start getting out of chagef later but yet going in earlier. so I started tracking his calls texting even gps on him. what I couldnÕt believe he was sending her nude photos the things they were saying to one another and I was seeing him constantly stopping at her job. this was brought to my attention and he continue doing it until we split up we decided after we are willing to try to work things out. But she would leave him alone we even went to the police we even went to the company nothing seems to work until my wife got very angry and went after her. She ( Allison Weiland) and they was told by there jobÕs they were to end this mess and put it to rest. well I thought they had. my husband and I got back together and move back in and everything was great until one day she sent me a text saying that she was texting again little did I know she really was. they have been messing around again behind my back for a while this time I put an end to it. he has cheated on me with this baby for the very last sheÕs only 23 years old and he is 43 sheÕs a child at this point once I found out they had sex there is no going back and the only thing that made me think of what she wanted was a Man like a daddy and he wanted a baby well I had to live a month my house with him here seen his face evuntil he finally was able to move out IÕv even changed all the locks and never look back I often wonder why he was breaking and hurting me so. apparently she has a disease and now I have to get checked every 6 months to make sure I do not have we just would like to say thank you ellison Wilder comics is coming.

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