This ***** started off by showing up to my house in some white trash lingerie to “hang out” with my fiance. In the end he figured out she just basically wanted to use him for his money and apartment. She also tried telling my fiance she loved and was in love with him. Thank ***** he is better than that and he didn’t believe her and had to tell her he is in love with me and that I’m not going anywhere. LEAVE MY MAN ALONE. Also she said she has been going to AC on the weekends to hang out with old guys for money. But everyone isn’t stupid, she is a ***** addict and if she can get paid for her favors I’m 99.9% positive she will. She also said she wants to be a stripper or an escort. Watch out ladies like, she is a wild one and will do whatever it takes to be on your man’s d*ck and try to get him to buy her drugs.


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Waterford, New Jersey

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