This skank has GOT to be the biggest whore on the Eastern Sea Board! Who has she slept with? More like who HASNÕT she slept with. This foul mouthed cretin lays it all out on her very public blog. Got pregnant at 17 broke up with him dated someone else got married fooled around with someone else WHILE? happily married and along comes bastard son #2. Who knows WHERE #3 came from and there was ALMOST a #4 but she aborted it to get even with her latest love who had gone back to his girlfriend/wife/whatever. DidnÕt tell him THEN DECIDED to tell him after he told her that his wife was pregnant. NOW sheÕs sad. Disgusting pig Ð she killed a baby because she was mad at her ex. Now from what I hear her kids have been taken away from her no job no means of transportation and sheÕs on the prowl again this time in MAINE. Hold on to your husbands Ladies! This one is a homewrecker to the nth degree and a worthless piece of crap that should have been flushed after she was ÒbornÓ. IÕve taken dumps that stink less than this POS. AND she posted GROSS nude photos all over the place! HOT? Uh NOT!

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