Amanda Kurth is a 26 ad from Milwaukee. She is currently dating a 54 year old man named Brian Allendorfer from Chicago who is married and has 3 kids (one kid is even close to Amandas age). Not only is Amanda screwing this married man and living in his Milwaukee condo with him, but Brian also happens to be one of her customers. Amanda works for and she sells Brians a compliance service that her company offers. Amanda clearly has no morals and will do anything to make a sale. Amanda Kurth has lied to everybody about dating Brian Allendorfer. To cover her tracks, Amanda has even gotten one of her friends to tell her family that Amanda lives with her, when the truth is that Amanda is really living at Brians condo. The sad part is that her friends and family have bought Amandas lies, which means this is a disaster waiting to happen. Amanda wont even go out in public places that she will run into people she knows with Brian because she is embarrassed by him. This girl is a joke!

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