Dear Amanda, it has been one year since you finally left my life. I wish that I didnt still think of you and the terrible things that you said about me and what you did. Your words echo in my soul. You made me physically and mentally ill. You hurt my being and destroyed my self-esteem. Every where that I go, I see the memory of you and what you did. Not a day goes by that I dont think of that awful, dark time in my life and marriage. And it kills me. I know that you have no remorse for what you did to me, my children or your boyfriend and that is the saddest part. You dont know why you set out to destroy a marriage? How can you, a psychologist /waitress not know but yet you could diagnose me with out even meeting me? I hope some day I heal and you live with the pain that you caused. I need my closure and I hope that this helps me move on. I debated this public shaming and after a year I decided that since I have had to hurt and be embarrassed, so should you. Next time use a condom so you dont give another innocent person Chlamydia.

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