Im writing this on behalf of my cousin. My cousin has been suffering because of this miserable woman. I hate to speak ill of her since we come from a Christian background but we all had enough. She is a cheater, liar, and very manipulative to the point of its psychotic. She is mentally unstable and she is known to use drugs frequently. She claims to be Christian, but these are not Christian like behaviors. Having 3 kids with 3 different fathers, my cousin being her next child support and alimony provider. my cousin who thankfully is filing a divorce told me that shes telling everyone hes abusive which is a horrible lie, and untrue. Shes the abusive one, very narcissistic with unstable moods. He had to walk around egg shells with her and her other 2 kids were too much to handle because she never focuses on them when shes alone. She plays pretend at being a good mom on Facebook and in public .Shes wreaked havoc on this family. Cant wait until divorce proceedings are fully over and my cousin can have full custody.

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