Amanda Smith is a sleaze. She goes after married men and men in relationships because she canÕt manage to keep her own. Las Vegas and social mediaÉ Watch outÉ. Dry slut pussy is on the prowel. She may have a bastard child now and appear to be in a committed relationship herselfÉ But donÕt be fooledÉ SheÕs as loose as they come. SheÕll befriend you use people to get what she wants and shows no remorse. SheÕs greatttt at fake. Fake smiles. Fake laughs. Fake friendships. Lies. Cheat and attempt to steal whatÕs yoursÉ. Then deny deny deny and play as though sheÕs the victim. Fucken. Whorible. Cunt. Karma will serve her soonÉ. Like when she ÒgooglesÓ her own name and finds all her dirt on blast. As alwaysÉ #notover #whohasthelastlaugh @coffee_lover09 twittertwat @amandasmithfyu twittertwat @forever_pink09 instawhore!

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