I found out that this Amy Bomar Midland, Texas was messing around with the man that I had been in a relationship with for six years. They work together at Industrial Oil in Midland and she was well aware that we were in a relationship, lived together, and had built a family together with our six kids. He is just as much to blame as her, but as more details have came to light, I find out that he couldnt even get it up the first time they messed around and he stopped. You would think that might have stopped her, but no, she had to continue to pursue him. When I could feel something wasnt right, I checked his phone one night and saw direct messages on his LinkedIn back and forth between them. Basically planning his next session with her in which he promised to get it up next time (he has NEVER had that problem with me). Of course I wake him up and kick him out of the house. I then log onto his account and message her so she knows that I know what is going on and instead of them being decent human beings she lets him come stay the night Im sure to finish what they had started. Despite my efforts to contact her, Ive never heard a word back. Oh course not because that is how souless whores like her are, they take whatever they want, not because they want it, but just because they can. She works at Industrial Oils Inc, AMIC Land Resources, LLC

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