This piece of shit is a PROfessional homewrecker. She will do ANYTHING for a dollar or even a little dope. She is absolutely relentless too. And the shitty thing isÉ.if you decide to actually stay with her for longer then you pay for and try to leave herÉ.she will have you put in jail. Lol whether itÕs a gun she plants on you a made up robbery or a claim she was hitÉ.you will end up in jail. Usually on some kind of lie she made up but she is blowing the local police so they let her get away with her b.s. she is a nasty dirty trashy whore and she doesnÕt care if you are married dating single or even related to her (yeahÉ.she married her cousin and had him out in jail multiple times bc he wised up and left her lol) Better watch your men ladies bc she will catch them in their weakest moment and sink her nasty teeth in and will NOT let go until you are drained of your dignity respect and freedom!!

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