I have been with my husband for 21 years. We have a nine year old and an eighteen month old. On January 1st he told me he needed a break and wanted me and the baby to stay with my mom for a while. I was so upset and felt abandoned because I had shattered my ankle in August and still want weight bearing. My gut told me there was more to this so I returned a week and a half later. Especially after he called to ask if I put something up on Facebook because his brother called screaming at him for cheating. He told me I ruined all chances of us working because I became so emotional while I was gone. He was so mad that I returned and was stomping around texting someone. Then he lied and fed me stories about seeing a therapist. He said he had to go outside of his comfort zone. He started to go out a lot, until 3, 4, 5 a.m. He said he was hanging out with high school buddies. Well, the end of that weekend he was showing me pictures of my daughters basketball game. My daughter was sitting there. He went to far and there was a picture of him and Andrea Mack, which I made her leave the room to ask him about it. He then told me he sat with her in her driveway one night because she has a lot of mental issues and problems. He said he didnt want Andrea Mack to hurt herself. Mind you, over the course of the years with him working with Andrea Mack this is not the first time hes told me Andrea Mack is mentally insane. Then he tells me the reason his brother said he was cheating was because a friend of his had seen them together. My question to him was what did that friend see to tell your brother you were cheating? He said nothing but I didnt believe it. I ended up filing for divorce because he was constantly screaming at me that we needed to figure things out at this point. He said he got advice and we could settle this outside of court and present things to a lawyer then. I knew then Andrea Mack was the one behind his advice, telling him what needed to be done. I went to stay with my brother then and told my husband me and the kids needed a break. My husband was never coming home at this point. I was getting anonymous texts then which I assume were from her. I got a picture of flowers he sent Andrea Mack. Then I was given her address with a picture of our van in front of her house. At that point I began, along with family, coming by to take pictures and videos to use in court. When I finally told him about knowing and the anonymous texts he left out of here the other night to find out from who, but now he thinks Ive got a PI. Im sure she fed him that too. I told him she got him where she wanted him. Andrea Mack is pushed not only me, but my kids right out of his life. Hes constantly with her and her kids, sleeping there and taking them out to eat. Im so disgusted. Shes come between my husband and his kids to get her own dad for her children. He was stupidly oblivious to what Andrea Mack was doing too.

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