After almost 5 years together we broke up because he cheated with a meth whore lied and was a sorry excuse for a human. I moved on and he kept chasing begging and pleading for another chance to fix it he couldnÕt live another day without me type stuff all while he was homeless & jobless for his own actions. During this time even tho he cheated on me he constantly lied to me and would disappear for days at a time I still was there for him gave him money gave him food asked my friends if he could crash for a day or two because even tho he did me wrong I still thought he was a human who shouldnÕt be left to die. After a year of begging crying pleading and demanding the opportunity to show me that I was what he wanted and he was so lost without meÉ. We get back together only to have him DO IT AGAIN in less than 6 months. Lying about where he was staying out for days and finally cheating with a married woman in a motel night before Valentines day 2016. I went to my parents to get a breather this killed me. I was gone for 2 weeks due to my grandma almost dying so i was gone longer than expected but he knew when I was coming back. I come back to find he changed the locks gave away my kittens got rid of all my belongings and had his whore at my house and in my bed. I was not allowed in by him and the police were called. He lied to the officer and told her I didnÕt live there. He told the officer that our Landlord said he could kick me out and that he didnÕt want me back there. I was good to him I cooked I cleaned I never cheated I never lied I was a damn good woman to him And he has me thrown off the property being told I can not return. This dick made me homeless for a whore who was married and never going to be with him. He is the lowest of low on the scale. He has no care or concern about anyone but himself. I filed charges on him with my lawyer and now he is sorry but still wont let me in our house yes Im still homeless this is only 3 weeks old. He left me with nothing at all other than my car to sleep in and laughs at me when he talks about why we arenÕt together anymore. I want all the women to avoid this puke to spread his name all over like the POS he is.

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