My name is Lisa Shrout olson and this is what happened to me. . This is Dr. Andrew Michael Dean of Newport Beach, or so he says he is. His real name is Andrew Michael Hernandez of Corona, Ca. He can be found on the dating site Zoosk, where he is supposedly verified. he claims he was in the military, but does not go into detail. He claims that is where he earned his doctorate as a plastic / reconstructive surgeon. he also tries to gain sympathy by claiming that he is a widow. According to several accounts from other women on a forum associated with one of his multiple cell phone numbers (949 566 5669) listed on callercenter. Org, he has gone by the name of Dusty as an investment banker, and Steve, he has also been found on (According to these other women) . This man goes through phone numbers like a pack of cigarettes! I am sure there are many other victimized women who have not come forward. I trusted him thinking he was legitimately going to help me. He had told me that he could help me sell my jewelry on an auctioning website, where i would get the most for my money, instead of being ripped off by a pawn shop. At this point i still thought he was dr. Dean. meanwhile, i have been having issues with my right breast. I have breast implants and have been experiencing pain. Thinking he was an actual plastic surgeon, he had me send him pictures of my breasts. When we met in person two days ago, he performed an exam on my breasts and also my vagina. He is not a doctor! He sexually assaulted me. I did not give him permission to stick his fingers in my vagina and tell me whether or not i need vaginal rejuvenation. He also touched my daughter (22) inappropriately and was pressuring her to have breast augmentation from his surgical center in newport. I took note of his license plate # and after he left i didnt feel right about the situation. I went to the police station and an officer ran the plates and verified that his name was not Andrew Dean, but actually Andrew Hernandez. I came home and researched him and found out all kinds of information. He was arrested this time last year for having possession of $10, 000 worth of stolen silver coins among other things. This man is a con artist and a crook. He preys on women using dating sites. He has my wedding ring, my diamond earrings, and my heart shaped diamond necklace; estimated value $60 70 thousand. Im just waiting on my appraisals in the mail. I have filed a theft report, as well as, a sexual assault report. My police report number is f141920012. My name is Lisa Shrout Cellphone # (714) 855 7465 if anyone has any info please report Dont be a vicitim and lets get Andrew Hernandez off the street, so he can not harm another person. Dating Complaints would like to thank all of these people for coming forward with this information. If you know of anyone that should be on Dating Complaints please let us know. Dating Complaints would remind you to know who you are dating.

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