I considered myself so lucky to have met a “nice” single mom of three to rent my pre-marital home for a few years until I could sell it. I wanted to sell it right away, but I let hubs take a second mortgage on it to install a screened-in pool/Jacuzzi/waterfall at our beautiful marital home.

Not long after she moved in, I brought my beloved husband of 16 years over to fix a small issue at the house. He’s certainly no Brad Pitt, but I was still crazy in love with him, even with his graying hair, ever-deepening wrinkles, and all the other joys of reaching 60 years old. He still “did it for me.” I absolutely adored him! He was, quite literally, my favorite person to be with. Unbeknownst to me, however, my “tenant” Andromeda Jones began having all sorts of other “issues” with the house, byp ***** ing me altogether and contacting him directly. Within two months of her aggressively pursuing him, they were sleeping together (she’s 12 years his junior.) I trusted my husband so blindly that it took 10 months and a guilty call from my former neighbor to clue me in. I discovered he took her to WORK functions, introducing her to colleagues who knew I was his wife! He even lied about winning a sales contest and took HER on the week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to St. Kitts, with his boss and other company executives, all of whom knew me well, while telling me he was going to his USMC reunion! I had interacted with these people for years and not one of them said a word to him (or me) about it. She posted dozens of pics of them together all over FB while they were still down there! Even his family knew about her and said nothing. He lied in court, which got me thrown out of our marital home and back into the house where he slept with her! And now she (and her kids) live with him in our marital home. She goes out of her way to rub my nose in it. So here I am at 54, starting over from scratch with a heart so broken that it’s changed who I am.


Palm Bay, Florida

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