Angie (Angela) Evenson (Bond). She now lives in Las Vegas. Shes a 42 yr old mother of 4! Shes a dirty skank who preys on married men, even ones with preemies still in the hospital. This skank has no shame. She puts on a fake facade of this sweet, loving mother but she is actually broken, bitter, and looking for sex. She loves the rich, tattooed, muscular, New York Guido type. Opposite of her ex-husband thats for sure. She obsessed over a married father from NY and his close friend. Angie Evenson shared herself with the both of them, still does. She sleeps with whichever one is available. This skank has no shame. She is recently divorced and apparently making up for lost time by spreading her legs for married men. And the men are just as horrible, cheating on their clueless wives. This skank is not a girls girl. She is FULLY aware of whats going on with both of the guys shes hooking up with and she doesnt care.

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