This bitch had been one of my closest friends for the last 4 years. We met when I lived in Iowa and she was a 23 year old girl just starting out in life. She latched onto me and I felt sorry for her. I tried to help her as a friend and mentor. When my family moved to Las Vegas for work she wanted to move out there too. She had grown up in Illinois, but wanted to get out of the mid-west, so I got her a job with the company we moved for. I invited her to stay with us – rent free, until she found her own place, which ended up being 6 months. During that time I realized what an insufferable know-it-all, constantly complaining, dumb ass she was. She was the shittiest employee I have ever hired. She struggled to complete the most basic administrative tasks. She bickered with my children like an obnoxious older sister, calling herself “Nanny Anna”. She had no friends in Vegas and no social life, so we ended up including her in our activities, our family celebrations and holidays, our vacations, everyfuckingthing. But I couldn’t wait for her to get the fuck out of our house. A few months into living with us, she hit on my husband of 16 years, with whom I have 2 children, and they started sleeping together. They did this for over 2 years, and I never had a clue. I ended up leaving the company they both still worked at, for a better opportunity and so as not to have to work with such an idiot, not knowing they were fucking. After she eventually got her own place, she continued to come to our house almost everyday, and continued to be part of our activities, family celebrations, holidays & vacations, because she still had no friends and I still (stupidly) felt sorry for her. Yes, I know, I’m a dumbass for inviting the dumb slut bitch to live with us. Lesson fucking learned. The hard way.

When I finally caught on, they tried to tell me some bullshit story that didn’t make any sense. Then she did the mature thing and ghosted me, until my husband finally admitted to sleeping with her. Then she only contacted me once more to inform me of more hurtful information about their affair. When my husband made it clear that he wanted nothing more to do with her, and that what they had done was wrong and horrible and disgusting, she tried to get him to believe that the affair was MY fault. At that point the pussy fog cleared from his head and he saw her for what she was, a weak ass, manipulative slut, with no morals and the character of crack whore. He’s been trying to win me back ever since. Even though the bitch annoyed the fuck out of me most of the time, I was used to her being around. I had even begun to think she was starting to mature slightly, and might not be so bad after all, but then all this came out and she reacted by ghosting me, I probably wouldn’t be posting this if she had acted with any integrity at all. But she takes no responsibility for her actions, trying to pretend nothing happened, telling people we had a “falling out”, but I think she needs to suffer at least as much as I have. The double betrayal was incredibly painful and I am still suffering, but I believe our marriage is worth trying to save, my husband is mostly a good man, just a weak idiot who wanted an easy bang when I wasn’t around. That basic bitch isn’t anywhere near enough to destroy what we have built, we’re both focusing entirely on each other with the help of a great marriage counselor and incredible support from family and REAL friends. I hope that cum dumpster cunt has the life she deserves, I’d love to be there when Karma ass fucks her with a cactus.

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