My boyfriend and I had a mainly happy relationship with the usual ups and downs, we had a good life with our almost 9 month old baby girl when he ran into a women he knew from many years ago. When exactly this happened Im not sure, but his behavior changed, he got up one morning and decided to move out, with not much explaining and just left me and our baby girl to carry on. Meanwhile he has been having an affair with Annelize Klynsmith, who is older than he is, divorced and has two kids of her own. One would think she knows what kind of damage Annelize Klynsmith is doing, but no, she just carries on wrecking with absolutely no shame. Annelize Klynsmith has the guts to smile and wave at me when she sees me, pretending like nothing is wrong and as if she didnt do any damage. And then Annelize Klynsmith takes this a step further, when we were negotiating a settlement on custody and maintenance, Annelize Klynsmith tells him what to do, say and ask for. When she has no relationship with our child, but pretends that she knows what is in the best interest of my child. I know this is not over yet, I also suspect this isnt her first time wrecking, and wont be her last Annelize Klynsmith doesnt have much of a online appearance and this makes me wonder, what is hiding in her past

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