Commentary about Anthony Antonio Arena Gallucci, Ithaca NY/Boulder CO, NY/CO posted to From : Nastynig714 posted on 2016-03-20 I think you all should that this is what Anthony Gallucci (Ant Gallucci, Antonio Arena, whatever he feel like calling himself this week) does all day. Yes, he takes everyone and anyone that he feels has WRONGED him, even if you weren’t in a relationship and he makes a post about you he makes posts about everyone, whether they have moved on with their lives or not. He feels this is justice. Yes, a man who does nothing but sits around all day and smokes weed and lives off of the welfare system will put YOU on blast. He feels butt hurt cause he can’t live off his baby’s mother anymore. So guess what he did!? Mature right? He ain’t marriage or relationship material ladies! Won’t wear a condom and if you get pregnant, well guess what you get a report my ex page. Or if you won’t have sex with him because it’s your choice not too he will write one too. So I decided to blow up the spot. All of these people should sue for slander and libel or at lthe very least know who write these things about them. So there is no confusion, and don’t get it twisted. Refuse his advances cause he’s got std and you probably won’t be able to get pregnant after he gives you anything he’s for anyway. Apparently he has NEVER made a page for the white women he has dated. Just the black one’s and random men he is pissed off about. What your back ladies. You have been warned. From : moody posted on 2010-05-02 katbod if you worked with her then i know you prolly seen alot! From : moody posted on 2010-05-02 i was with her in 07 but i dont think thats the same person! mayb, but i dunno really! From : hungry posted on 2010-04-26 Brah, i heard she pussy smashed… From : katbod posted on 2010-04-26 haha i use to work with her and saw a lot of it ….lol her friends are the same way From : boxhdn posted on 2010-04-26 lol You should have known after the first time she was like that, look at her. From : NickatNite007 posted on 2010-04-26 let em have those bad boys!!…They the COOL ones!! From : rah711 posted on 2010-04-26 Hey moody I just read your post. There’s no changing spots on a leopard though. Your better off without her. Those girls are a dime a dozen and you don’t need the aggravation that they bring you. No big loss bro, just another dirt-leg. From : rah711 posted on 2010-04-26 Your a decent looking girl. Too bad you don’t have a bit of class to go along with you medium physical attributes. No offense intended, just the way I see it, that’s all. I have to go along with Cannibals assessment of you. He said it very well. From : dyce1 posted on 2010-04-26 well if u were with her during spring break of 07 i smashed it too so add that 1 to the list….. south myrtle!! atleast it sure as hell looks like her and the tramp stamp matches From : Cannibal posted on 2010-04-26 Can’t turn a whore into a housewife ! I know, I tried it didn’t work for me either!! From : moody posted on 2010-04-25 2gether 8 years and after we had alil gurl she started using her work to meet guys! she was messing round with a well known drug dealer and when i found out she lied bout it and left! she came back and said she was sorry and messed up! i fell for it and she did it again and again with the same guy! she seemed like she changed and came back again and i gave it another chance! was good for a while altho she acused me of things all the time and use things i did when she left me to put me down! found out she was sneaking around again with a greenville county cop! so it was over! he got what he wanted and then she found her another guy that she is playin now! Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Anthony Antonio Arena Gallucci, Ithaca NY/Boulder CO, NY/CO is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Anthony Antonio Arena Gallucci, Ithaca NY/Boulder CO, NY/CO by the users were preserved.


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