Commentary about Anthony Carter, Hope, AR posted to From : Baker posted on 2016-05-02 He got a room at the LaQuinta for him to fuck this girl all night. He told her he didn’t have women. That is lie. He lives with Stacie Herron. From : amariex posted on 2010-04-27 wow some graphic pics there, but funny that this loser chose a guy with such a small penis to cheat with! lol It’s a itty bitty wiener! From : tac5 posted on 2010-04-27 i luv the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would let you suck me like that everyday!!!!! like maybe weds!!!!!!!!! CAM wrote: Mmmm thanks… So are you!!!! I could suck you like that everyday… Are you enjoying the pics?? c a wrote: you have always been worth the wait! CAM wrote: so it is worth the wait? c a wrote: I CANT WAIT TO FEEL YOUR WARM WET PUSSY PULSATING AND MY HARD SWOLLEN COCK!! CAM wrote: Its just been awhile maybe???? c a wrote: just the way you were stroking it while your mouth swallowed my cock and the way u took all the warm cum shooting down your throat!!!! CAM wrote: but I want to hear why?!!! c a wrote: u r just the queen CAM wrote: tell me what u liked about it. Please!!!! c a wrote: bj CAM wrote: What do u mean? c a wrote: omg!!!!! u r amazing! Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Anthony Carter, Hope, AR is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Anthony Carter, Hope, AR by the users were preserved.


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