This is in defense to April Melton slandering me. Her husband and I were raised from babies as cousins. She claims I am having an affair with husband. Which I am not. She has an open DSS case with 5 children. She left her home and kids to come onto my fenced gated and posted property. Hit me in the eye with her phone and then I pulled a knife. Her and her husband have an open CDV case where she is playing the victim and using the charge as leverage. They both have broken the no contact order. All the while she is not scared one bit. I donÕt want her husband. Never have. She has supposedly already caught him in a motel room with a 19 year old. She fails to mention she was cheating with a guy named Jesse. Her husband has proved that and she makes like itÕs no big deal. She is a pill head. Even gets a quack to prescribe them legally. Her daughter cuts herself while this woman does all this slander on social media sites. I have access to a video of her home which 5 children live and the absolute pigs to that they are in during the time she is following other people up and creating stories where are not any. She has threatened to kill herself with a picture of a knife.; Her kids are really important to her at this time. I have notified the Solicitor on the the CDV case. I have printed off all items in which she has slandered me. She also has threatened her husbandÕs first sonÕs mother. That lady had to make a police report in case anything happens. We are going to the magistrate to deal with her harassment. She is very mentally ill. She took a comment on FB and turned it to her benefit. I can only pray this doesnÕt turn any worse. I will stand up for myself and defend myself always. This hasnÕt been happening at all let alone 5 years. And I did try to help her as well because I no interest in her husband in that way. But when both parties have done the same and neither are willing to forgive and try to move on it isnÕt going to work. I even tried to get him to get into marriage counseling. They just keep attacking each other and being vile. Now they have brought me and another female into their sick circus.

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