Armin Missaghi lives here in Los Angeles and I would describe him as a swindling, money-hungry, wanna-be typical LA Persian guy. I dont know his background story but from what he writes to his followers on instagram to inspire them its the same old I came from nothing and I worked my way up here, which could be partly true, who knows. But this guy DEFINITELY embellishes what he has and who he is. He is always posting pictures at these lavish Hollywood Hills homes and kind of deceiving people into believing that they are his, well I can tell you that THEY ARE NOT! Both homes that he has photographs in, just lounging around and hanging out and having parties at and bringing people over are owned by two completely different people. This guy is just the property manager for these homes and of course he has the authority to be around the property a lot and I guess snapping a couple of pics is harmless but its pathetic that he uploads the pictures to social media and acts like this wealthy, successful guy living in multi-million dollar homes and giving advice to people on how to get to where he is. There are several people who have even noticed this and have written in the comments asking him about the house and he has the audacity to respond and say my new pad , others have also questioned about the previous tenants of this property, who are famous on social media and have pictures on the Instagram from staying at the house for several months. These are all pieces of evidence showing proof that Armin Missaghi does not own any of these properties but the biggest piece of evidence of all is the actual deed of the house, which I have reviewed and nowhere on there is there Armin Missaghis name. Like I said he is the property manager or maybe he rents but I doubt it because the monthly rent on these homes are extremely high and lets face it this guy may have some money but not enough to be able to afford the monthly rent on these homes. Most of these types of homes are owned by corporations or very wealthy people who might not even in live in LA or California and they are usually put on vacation home rental sites to be rented out for a couple of days, weeks or maybe months and since the owners may not physically be there or if they are theyre too busy or just dont want to get involved with tenants and lessees one on one they hire a property manager to oversee everything and thats where Armin comes in spending all his time in someone elses home pretending it is his own haha. I wont comment on his Rolls Royce or his company because I dont have factual information about them, but I wouldnt be surprised if that car is a lease or a rental lol there are SO many of those types of guys here in LA. He also posts a lot of pictures of himself handing out food and water to the homeless, which is a nice act, but if thats who you really are and what you do in your spare time you WOULDNT need to photograph it and post it on instagram for validation and likes and to make yourself look like such a humanitarian since it completely contradicts EVERYTHING else you upload to your account (ex. lavish homes and cars and clothes and shoes and watches). I also want to make a side note about his lifestyle, he is often in clubs and lounges and picking up random girls (who all want to use him thinking hes somebody, not knowing the truth). He takes them home and he sleeps with them and I find this a very trashy and unsophisticated thing to do for a guy in his mid 30s whos such a success at life. So Nik put him on blast, and make him feel pathetic for thinking that somebody wouldnt do their research and catch up to his lies and deceiving ways.

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