My cousinÕs idiot significant other decided he was not happy in his relationship. He met this tramp one day and started messaging this creature behind my cousinÕs back. I am sure he did other things but that is between him it and God. The two of them exchanged phone calls sexts texts pictures and spent ÔqualityÕ time together. She is unmarried and in dire need of a daddy figure. My cousins pain runs deep. This thing has no children pretends to believe in Gods and is a total man trap. Any woman who would think about having a relationship with a man who is in a committed relationship is nothing but a skank pig. Now I am not saying he is innocent but the skank pig knew his entire life and selfishly put herself first and ruined the lives of my cousin and her children. Karma is a bitch Ashley Morgan. I pray you reap what you sow. Leave other womensÕ men alone!

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