March 15, 2014 following a St. Patricks party Austin James Wilkerson is a Colorado student rapped a drunk woman. Wilkerson told friends that he would take care of the victim, who was intoxicated at the time. He made certain his roommate saw him checking her pulse and temperature, and giving her water, prosecutors wrote, according to the Guardian. After the assault that night, Wilkerson then sent a message to the victims friend. She thanked him for taking care of her. When questioned by a university investigator, Wilkerson said that he had made repeated advances on the victim, but that she rebuffed him each time, and that he felt pissed off and that she was a fucking bitch, according to prosecutors. He later said that the victim had responded to him passionately. Finally, he admitted that he digitally and orally penetrated the woman while he wasnt getting much of a response from her. Austin James Wilkerson only got two years in a jail work-release program that will allow him to attend school and work during the day and return to jail in the evening. He was also sentenced to 20 years to life on probation. This pig Austin James Wilkerson should be in Jail if you ask me. Watch out ladies for this disgusting Pig.. NO MEANS NO AS*HOLE

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