Meet Autra Walters-Wyatt aka Cabby a day care provider in Bolingbrook Il. Not only does Autra provide service for the children but apparently for other people husbands as well. Autra Walters-Wyatt is my husband of 16 years ex-go to girl. Yes sheÕs been the go-to girl for nearly 30 years- every relationship heÕs ever had he ends up going back to her until he meets someone else and sheÕs always ready and available. She has no self worth and obviously low self-esteem. Now let me start off by saying that my husband has his part in all of this nonsense but Autra is the cooperate behind the madness. Autra Walters-Wyatt has been available to my husband on and off since before we were married. They have a 19 year old daughter together in which I had a great deal in raising- I treated their daughter like she was my own. In fact everything I bought our daughter I bought their daugher. IÕve taken her on trips vacations etc.- our girls are sisters and are very close but now even their realtionship has been compromised by this affair. Anyway here we go: things were going good between my husband and I then about two years ago Autra Walters- Wyatt husband left and divorced her.; ThatÕs when all the DAMSEL IN DISTRESS started. She cried on my husband shoulders about how bad her life was about how they broke up back in the day about how she wish she had a good man so forth and so on. Eventually he fell for her long sob stories and began having an affair with her. Once they were busted he tried to break it off and she Begged him to leave his family and be with her- but of course he refused her plea and started in on trying to rectify our marriage. Autra calls herself a Christian. LOL- she gives Christians and Woman alike a bad name!! ÉShe will forever be the GO-TO-GIRL!!!

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