Autra Wyatt from Bolingbrook IL. nearly wrecked my marriage of 16 years. Autra Wyatt is the true definition of a Homewrecker. She has been after my husband for 20 years now they never married but has a 19 year old child together. After AutraÕs husband left and divorced her she started crying on my husband shoulders with her damsel in distress long sob sorry stories about how horrible her life is (Make no mistake about it my husband is no innocent party in this but sheÕs definitely the cooperate behind this madness). My husband felt he was trying to help her by being a listening ear but end up in a sexual relationship with her. Once he realized it was a big mistake and he was in too deep he tried to break it off but Autra begged him to leave his family to be with her she even threatend him with telling me. After finding out about the affair I filed a law suit against Autra Wyatt (Alienation of affection suit) and in conjunction; a divorce from my husband.; Ultimately I dropped the suit because we decided to give our marriage a second chance. However my husband had to get our Attorney to send her a Cease and Desist letter. ÒWhat a sad desperate Woman!Ó PS. To my Married friends please note that although this is painful and never easy- there are laws on the books in 7 states that will allow you to file a law suit against your spouse mistress; Illinois is one of them! Hawaii Illinois Mississippi New Hampshire North Carolina New Mexico South Dakota and Utah.

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