This bitch kept calling my husband last year. He wouldnÕt answer when I was around said he didnÕt know the number. He left his phone one day when he went outside and she called again. I answered and she hung up ! I called back a few minutes later on HIS phone she answered but when I ask who she was. When my husband came in I confronted him. He said they were Òjust friendsÓ. Right weÕve all heard that one. So I told him if that was all there was to it to prove. Call her back on speaker phone. He told me to. So I did with his phone. When she answered I told her who I was and ask her why she kept calling my husband ? She denied knowing him. My husband spoke up and said Òtell her BarbaraÓ. The whore hung up. The phone calls stopped. My husband started acting strange staying away from me and being hateful towards me a few weeks ago. I knew something was up! So Monday I looked on his tablet and found their messages. What a Joke ! All the lies that he has told her. Guess what bitch you knew he was married and you kept on. Now you can have him. You told him that you are seeing a friend of your brotherÕs and he is a cop. So you would have to meet him somewhere. Good luck with that bitch ! Oh but feel free to come pick him up.

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