Barb gordon Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Barb gordon Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is as follows: Barb Gordon is a customer service rep for the (removed). Barb what would make you think I would just let you stroll into my life, uninvited, interfere in my relationship of the past 4 yrs, behind my back, lead my partner astray when my partner and I were experiencing a bit of difficulties, and then expect me to do nothing? Youre a stunned cunt and a desperate homewrecking tramp. You wanna hear how I found out about this worthless whore and my ex?; Well, shortly after my partner In a same sex relationship of almost 4 years, Berni, now my ex tried to have me arrested by calling the cops making up some story accusing me of doing some serious shit. Thankfully I was able to quickly and effectively demonstrate to the investigating officer that what I had been accused of would have been impossible for me to actually have done, as it would be impossible for me to be placed at the scene of this so called or made up crime at the time this crime was supposedly committed. I was nowhere near the scene. Easily enough proved to the officers through bank receipts and witnesses. So when I tried to call my partner to ask WTF?? Did she go mental overnight? My texts werent being returned. I tried facebook, found I was blocked. Im thinking WTFÉFinally I get a hold of my partner only to find out not only was she cheating on me, but she had already shacked up with this Barb Gordon, a worthless desperate Tramp. While trying to wrap my head around the fact that just a day before, my partner was telling me how much I was her whole life and that there could never be another women for her cause it wouldnt be fair to anyone else cause she was in love with me and blah blah, now this desperate little tramp Barb, who Ive never met before, starts texting me. Not only is this desperate tramp sleeping with my partner now I have this desperate bitch, Interfering with any attempt I tried to make in talking to my partner.; Apparently Berni my little slimy partner, now my ex, and this desperate homewrecking whore Barb had been chatting behind my back for quite some time. Months??? A year??? Who knows? So heres these two worthless bitches, my partner and this tramp Barb Gordon chatting for months, maybe years, on facebook, behind my back, plotting and scheming to have me locked up on some fabricated made up charge they dreamed up, to play house for a little bit with me outta the way and locked up. Barb knew my ex was in a relationship with me at this time, the tramp told me herself that she kept hitting on my partner and my partner kept telling the tramp the her desires were to stay loyal to our, mine and my Partners 4 yr relationship. This dirty desperate little tramp told me, Òbut I kept trying, I just kept tryingÓ. I just wanted to reach right through the phone at that moment. Yes I know, my ex really sucks at the loyalty thing, thats for sure. So now Im angry, hurt, heartbroken, confused, shocked in pain and I got this desperate tramp whore Barb texting me while I am trying find out if Berni has completely lost her mind. I mean just a day or two before my partner told me that she would kiss the ground we walk on just to hold me, and that I was the love of her life and she wanted to grow old with me and more crap & bullshit. I know, Berni needs to work on being honest as well. Not my problem anymore though, thank god. So now my head is spinning and I am trying to process that my partner has been cheating on me and my whole world is crashing down around me. I ask my partner to tell the tramp to stop texting me, My ex tells me she that she didnt ask the tramp to text me. The following texts are from this worthless desperate home-wrecking tramp kicking me when I was already down. Thats what kind of person this home-wrecker evil little tramp is.; Five months later, Barb Gordon the little desperate homewrecking tramp punched my ex out. Punched my ex square in the nose. Blood everywhere, so my ex calls the cops and has the desperate tramp Barb removed from the home. My ex calls me and asks me to come over and then tries to sleep with me. One look at my pathetic ex and Im like Òya no, naaaaa unlike the desperate home-wrecking tramp you hooked up with and now stuck with, Im not that desperate. I dont need to lap up someones leftovers like a hungry little desperate whore that youre desperate little tramp proved to beÓ. For the next three days I sat with my ex and listened to her bitch and complain about the desperate douche bag tramp. Her chronic dope smoking, thieving , laziness, bad housekeeping habits, freeloading, among many other complaints. Before I left I hugged my ex told her I loved and cared for her, walked down the stairs without looking back, smiling even.. As the days past my ex begged the tramp to come back. Desperate because she knows no one else wants her, the desperate home-wrecking tramp came back the very next day. To my surprise a few days latter, cops at my door again. This time I was handed a couple court summons. One in regards to the ex Berni Ronillee Thrasher, and one pertaining to the worthless desperate home-wrecking tramp whore Barb Gordon. Apparently these two clowns went and told some made up fabricated story again, this time to a justice of the peace, and attempted to have me brought into court on a peace bound based upon made up threats and lies of being scared of me. The crown counsel expertly detected these two bonds as being bogus, just like the two clowns, and immediately withdrew the bonds, dismissing any charges.; Barb Gordon walked into my life turning it upside down, destroying my 4 year relationship and then beat me when I was already down, tried to bully me, tried to take away any self esteem I had left, harassed me and then tried to have me falsely arrested. Be extra careful of this homewrecker, not only will she destroy your relationship, her desperation is so great, that she will have a need to literally destroy everything about you in her quest to take your loved one for herself. Be extra warned she cant find her own mate cause no one else is willing to date her, so the first sign of trouble is when she will swoop in like a vulture, and destroy any chance you might have ever had with your partner. thats the only way she can get someone to date her, when they are vulnerable and down. I pray this dope smoking home-wrecking life destroying freeloading dumb bitch rots in all the depths of hell. Barb you have been quoted as saying ÒIm so glad your Exs didnt see what I see.Ó WTF do you think it is that we didnt see???? That your nothing but a home wrecking two bit whore???

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