This whore thinks she can take over my life well thank again my husband was dating this girl bekka before me and him got togather long story short she cheated on him now after 5 years togather 2 years married this hoe thinks she can come back into our lives a few months ago my husband started acting diffrent id call him he rush off the phone he wouldnÕt tell me where he was or with who finally he tells me he was with her so im trying to act all cool with the situation so this hoe is texting my husband saying that he loved her And thinking im going to beat her ass well you never know i just might during all of this i find out im pregnant with his kid and he wants to make it work for our child but she texting you need to just tell her to fuck off and get a divorce and saying you promised you would never hurt me This hoe was even calling up my brother to sleep with her stop being so desperate hoe! Lady watch your men becouse she will try anything to take them from you.

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