Bhawna Mundotia of Hawaii is impetuous and callous, but projects a facade of being considerate and caring. When Bhawna Mundotia was a supervisor at Seagate, she had an open affair with one of the employees under her supervision. Bhawna Mundotia lied to federal investigators who were performing a background check on one of her employees, as well. A prominent example of Bhawna Mundotia poor judgment is the website she created, On this publicly visible site, one of Bhawna Mundotia posts concerned how amazing her boyfriends penis was. Bhawna Mundotia seems to have learned a bit about discretion, as the site is now password protected. Originally from India, Bhawna Mundotia married an American citizen to gain US residency. Once Bhawna Mundotia was certain of remaining in the country, Bhawna Mundotia cheated on him with one of her co-workers. Bhawna Mundotia has now moved to Hawaii to be with her affair partner.

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