So I got involved with Bonnie Sanchez, which I now admit was a huge mistake. It almost broke up my marriage, but we are working through the issues now. Bonnie is a complete psycho if you ask me. Getting involved with her will destroy you, and drive you nuts .. All you need to do is show her a little attention and you are in. That was my first mistake, so do not do it. If you pay this woman attention she will stalk to you to the end. She has been stalking my entire family. She even stalks my kids at school This woman is crazy . We have even envoled the police to have her get out of our yard too . She is really crazy if you know what I mean. She thinks there is still something there, even after I told her its off, and I am back with my family. She will not take no for a answer at all. I am thinking of moving now. That is how crazy it gets. She calls me all the time on the phone, and still sends text messages. She will even leave notes on my call at the grocery store. She is NUTS .. She is a complete mental case if you ask me . RUN if you see her

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