Please beware of this man as he is a habitual cheater. He was dating my friend plus 2 other women simultaneously all for over a year & a half. All of them thought they were in an exclusive relationship with him & he was cheating on them all. He is a single Dad of a little girl & brought all these women into his childÕs life, what a way to show his daughter what a man should be & how a woman should be treated. He is extremely charming & persuasive & will make a woman believe they are the only one but is nothing more than a liar & a cheat who uses women for his own selfish needs.

One thought on “Bradley Close, Marble Falls, Texas

  1. He is a snake. He wants a piece of ass, not a relationship. He will spout pretty words, but he is a psychopath. He lies as easily as he breathes. It’s all games for him.

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