My boyfriend isnÕt completely blameless in this situation but she is 100 percent to blame. He has tried many times to cut her out of his life but she always worms her way back in. She knows exactly what to say to get him to reply back. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and she is so delusional that she thinks he will leave me for her. She has never been more than a fuck buddy to anyone. What makes her think that she is going to take my place. He has chosen me over her over and over again. But this bitch just wonÕt go away. She has sex and blows all these random guys takes pictures/videos and sends them to my boyfriend with the play by play. Just to stay in his life. Like I said he isnÕt totally blameless in this. Oh and the best part she is happy being a Òside chickÓ. She think itÕs the best thing ever. Like she is so happy that he lies to me and talks to her is secret. What kind of fucked up do you have to be to be happy that you are a side chick. This is a warning to all you other ladies out there if you think your guy is cheating if he has a profile on Adult Friend Finder and you live in the Jacksonville area she has probably had sex or blown him. Like I said she likes being a side chick so she will only talk to guys who are married/engaged/dating someone else. Single guys arenÕt even on her radar. I mean look at her. She isnÕt even hot. She looks like shit and the ONLY thing she has going for her are her huge boobs. Which looks disgusting and make me want to vomit. Her personality sucks so she has to use the only thing she has her disgusting boobs.

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