This is a whore my husbamd worked with 6 years ago at Buffalo Wild Wings in Watertown ny. She is married and has two kids. One thing she doesnÕt have is any respect for herself or any class at all. Now my husband is also a pig in this story too because while I was home taking care of our son he was at work aging grab ass flirting and telling her how boring I was and how we had nothing in common. They were both at fault. Supposedly she gave my husband some sob story that her husband and her were having g problems. Mind you at this time her husband was in the army and possibly was overseas fighting g for our country while she was taking my husband in her car at the Buffalo Wild wings parking lot and doing God knows what with him. The reason for this post now is because he was in fb messenger and I was signed I to his messenger as well on my phone and he back in November decided too tell her how amazing she was how hot she was and how amazing the physical was. I confronted the f*cker and her and told her on his messenger that what there were doing was disgusting and I should tell her husband. She immediately erased my husband from her fb and she never had any balls to say one word to me. The worst thing of this all is that my husbamd and I were tryin for baby number 2 which turned out to be my second son. So after he had his fun with jer he came home too me and we tried too make a baby. I feel like I had a threes omega without the third.

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