My husband since 2012 has had a past of cheating and vio ***** ce along with meth abuse and the production of meth. He has cheated multiple times and I’ve taken him back p ***** ty.

He was sentenced to serve time in jail and towards the end of his sentence I became close with an ex and cheated with him. This guy (Rob Byrd) would bring his girlfriend of 7 years to my home to hangout and we would keep our affair a secret from her and my husband. The secret got out and things got ugly. Once my husband was released he and the guy I cheated with ex got to texting, calling, and video chatting for so long they were saying “I love you.” They were planning to meet up and before it could happen i caught him. I went crazy on her and decided to believe him and stay. Am I wrong??


Fayetteville, TN

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