Brandy met my husband online and had a relationship knowing he was married with 4 kids and she is married with 3 kids. It started off chatting online until she started Òfalling in loveÓ then it led to phone conversations. For hours during the day she was on the phone with my husband making future plans begging him to come meet her and having phone sex. Hundreds of texts from 4 am to 10 pm daily. How do you text a man naked pictures of yourself knowing he is eating dinner with his family or laying in bed with his wife who just gave birth to their 4th child a couple months ago? What kind of woman or mother does that? When I confronted her she wouldnÕt anewer my number but happily picked up from his number and hung up when she realized it wasnt him. I texted her asking her to talk to me and explained to her who I was. Several hours later after no response I sent her another text letting her know I ran a search on her phone number which of course came back to her husband and that he would be the next person I contact. She had the audacity to text me back asking me to prove who I was before she would talk to me about their affair. I told her she spoke to me ON MY HUSBANDÕS PHONE. She said it wasnt good enough and I could Òdo betterÓ to prove who I was if I wanted information from her. I let her know the next time she goes looking for love she needs to Òdo betterÓ than a married man with 4 kids! After several days I contacted her husband who said she had come clean to him after I threatened her. How do you beg a man to leave his wife and 4 kids to come meet you?

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