When I initially met Brannan his mother tried to warn me not to be involved with him. I thought she was overprotective of her adult son, I did not realize she may have been trying to avoid disaster in general. The length of shitty and inhumane things in how he used me and how I found other women being used was horrible and so lengthy I wont include them all. He told me he wanted to marry me and we were getting engaged within 2 months because he had been lying about a job and needed money. He strung me on while having copious amounts of affairs with other women who all equally thought he cared for them. He strung me on with this wedding lie and trying to evoke a since of obligation to pay his bills and not upset him emotionally with discovering his affairs (he would threaten suicide), for 2 years. His lies of a wedding permanently damaged many friendships, and cost me a job You have to quit and we need to live together where Im at now if were getting married . He wanted a new free place to live after I had kicked him out for cheating and my family had a rental property by where he was living with his parents because he could never hold down a job. With tears in his eyes I believed him and quit my job only to find out he had still been lying and cheating. There was never any ring. I used to work at a jewelry store which made it all the more painful Do you like this one sweetheart Im getting you a diamond ring so much better than the stuff here you can get at discount . But we could just buy it I already bought the dress and we booked the venue, my parents just paid them the $5000 Ill get it by our wedding in two months He never even rented a tux for himself, let alone bought me a ring. I never even saw him on my wedding day. I was so humiliated it destroyed me. We were even trying for a child at one point because he said that would give him security, finding out your believed fianc e you are trying for a kid with is still having secret affairs and telling other women all the same things that that too was manipulation to probably try to trap you into paying their bills forever I found out the wedding was a lie Then I found out everything was a lie and he had never out of the 18-19+ women he had been with, he never could remain faithful admittedly to any single one of them when I realized I was being used it killed me. I dont write this for slander it could be any Brannan in the country. But if you suspect the Brannan you know of being this man, please be cautious. He stole over 8,000 from me and over $7,700 from my family members He destroyed my life and left me penniless. He works as a comedian . Youll fall in love with him easily, he compliments and seems emotionally open. He also has a large library of gay and tranny porn he hides and admittedly does not know if hes gay. Dont put yourself through this. If I can save one person from making my mistake. Please. In 2 years I never even got a present for any holiday, birthday, or acknowledgement I existed except when he needed money or sex. Yet he would but his friends gifts and hide them . One of which was married to his best friend He is incapable of love for others and will use whomever he can. . . .

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