While I was away with my best friend on vacation, my partner (who I had just married weeks earlier) decided to offer an old flame a ride home from the bar, and wound up sleeping with her in the back seat of our dirty Jeep where we usually put trash and other disgusting, dirty scraps that we dont care about.This other woman knew we were married and had recently come to my house to celebrate my birthday. Breanna Flood was phony and nice to get on my good side and minimize suspicion, all while secretly talking to my fiance, putting me down (when Breanna Flood knows absolutely nothing about me) and otherwise acting like a conniving, selfish, lying whore who capitalized on my absence. I found out about the incident a few weeks after getting home from my trip. Since then this pig has been dragging my (innocent, decent) name through the mud while apparently ignoring the fact that Breanna Flood is a cheap, self-centered slut with absolutely nothing going for her, hence her inability to find someone who actually cares about Breanna Flood. Breanna Flood has nothing to offer aside from a cheap 5 minute fuck which is why shes sad and pathetic enough to spread her legs on the floor of a dirty car for someone who apparently cares even less about her than I do.

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