Basically around June my husband started a very busy job. Had him on the road Monday-Friday staying in hotels. Well he got bored of being so far away from the kids and I so he downloaded the kik and tinder apps. He ended up being matched with a girl named Brenda from Yonkers NY that had the same Birthday as him. Brenda is trying to be a model but currently works as a pharmacy ten at CVS. She still lives with her parents and whatnot. Well they talk and text and fall in love. Only one problem my husband says his name is Vali as in sunset valley and the term valiant. He lies about his friends names where heÕs from and about his family beating him. He kept Brenda a secret pretty well. In December he steals my paycheck and travels to see her. He lies saying heÕs going to Knoxville tn for a vacation. So I have no knowledge of anything for awhile. WerenÕt very many suspicious happenings on the trip except he used his work phone the entire time and had his personal cell with the dating apps turned off. I found it very odd and upon one phone call noticed a womanÕs voice in the background. I hear a dog another time. He claims it is another person at the hotel. So after the trip he comes back after spending Christmas with his mistress and treats us all very well. Around January 25th he flipped out over having to watch both children as I was assisting a friend with moving stuff. He took a good five or so minutes to come to the door because he was on the phone.; I leave and he insults and criticizes me over the phone. So I tell him IÕm checking phone records and I do. I call the two out of area numbers. One is a girl from around the area he works. The other is Brenda who I leave a voicemail. She returns my texts later and I tell her the truth about everything once I learn he lied about everything including that he had a wife and two children at home. They cut ties and we agree to work on our marriage. Little did I know he was sending her tons of messages everyday and so she finally got tired of him not responding and she said they could be friends. She clarifies that with me that it is only for friendship but then gets offended that I tell her he wonÕt change. I find out a couple days later hey are still pursuing each other behind my back. My husband and I break up and he even physically assaults me over a fight about cutting contact with her. She tells me I deserved the abuse because he says I degrade him. So here we are. I tell her I donÕt want her in my life and she isnÕt welcome here or near my kids. She hasnÕt responded but she is clearly unwelcome around family as my husbandÕs mistress so hereÕs your 15 seconds of fame you want so bad sweetheart. The sad part is she doesnÕt even care that a 2 year old little boy and a 3 year old autistic child are suffering because of their fathers behavior.

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